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Welcome to Make up Artist London. As a professional make up artist working in and around London, Candice Julia Konig has dedicated her professional career to the magical world of make up, and trades in the UK as Make up Artist London.

I have one major goal and that is to bring my talents to the creative industries. I have a zest for life and I am professionally trained in all aspects of MAKE UP Film, TV, special effects, pop videos, makeovers etc.

Here at Make Up Artist London I combine extraordinary talent with a genuine lively Caring personality. I have the ease and experience and dedication to fit into whichever environment is required of me.
I specialise in evoking a warm friendly atmosphere, which relaxes and promotes confidence and ease with the artists with whom I am working.

I hope that you will be delighted with Make up artist London, and thrilled to have the experience of working with genuine talent, and a personality which promotes harmony, relaxation and ease in all the jobs I do. These combined skills promotes professionalism resulting in a dedicated working first class performance. Please click on the links to view my work to date.